About our church

Church Times

Sunday service - 10.45am followed by coffee and biscuits
Motley Crew - Thursday 7.30pm. Bible study, sharing & prayer

NT church life

We do not have an official membership list, but we do have a member’s role or profile.  We believe that membership is a reality only when expressed in practical ways.  

We consider anyone a member who embraces these 5 practical expressions of NT Church life (Acts 2:42-47). 

  1. Receiving regular teaching of the word of God: 
  2. Building relationship through small group involvement: 
  3. Participation in outreach ministries: Building bridges with our community and missions’ 
  4. Prayer Events:  
  5. Honouring God and practically helping people by giving financial and time resources to support the Church.

The Team

At present we do not have a pastor but have a team in leadership

  • Peter and Goh Hall
  • Phil and Rosy Beales
  • Mike and Liz Tolland


Bildeston Baptist arose out of the ferment of religious debate within the established church from the late 1600s. Small groups of people were baptising in Suffolk and beyond whilst remaining within the established church. Eventually they were expelled from the established church and a number of these groups came together in 1737 and formally constituted themselves as a Baptist church in Bildeston; this was the first Baptist Church established in Suffolk.
From its early beginnings it grew steadily over the years and the present building was officially opened in 1834. The Church quickly became an integral part of village life and many activities took place in the building. The village school used the building for physical education etc for many years before the new school was built in the 1970s. This tradition continues today as the church seeks to serve its community. It is very much a community hub where many groups and activities take place.


EPIC - European Partners in Christ     www.epic-partners.org.uk 

At present supporting an orphanage of deaf children in Ukraine
Living Hope     https://www.livinghopeministries.uk/